Standard & Specialty Concrete

At Higgins we have a high service ethic and an experienced team of friendly staff who are committed to ensuring you receive only the best results.

Higgins have been delivering concrete for more than 40 years from standard to highly technical speciality mixes.

Higgins have a full and comprehensive repertoire of tried and true concrete mix designs to satisfy just about every concreting application. Our concrete plants are located in the lower North and upper South Island and we also have a mobile concrete plant for specialist projects such as the recently completed turbine foundations at Mill Creek Wind Farm.

Each are independently audited by the Plant Audit Committee of the NZ Ready Mixed Concrete Association to ensure compliance with NZS 3104:2003 Specification for Concrete Production.

Our mix designs are engineered to meet New Zealand concrete construction standards. And if you have a specific requirement that is not met by our standard mix designs – contact our team.


Speciality Mixes

Concrete is a dynamic product providing durability, shape, colour, permanence, serviceability, and strength. Specialist high performance concrete mixes are designed to overcome project constraints with respect to time, quality, performance, and perhaps most important of all, your bottom-line.


Concrete Types


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