Higgins Concrete’s sustainability philosophy is that we have a social and economic responsibility to minimise our environmental impact by being energy efficient, reducing waste and, innovative with our mix designs.

Delivery Fleet

Our concrete is delivered in modern fuel-efficient trucks. We are constantly upgrading our fleet to make the best use of the latest fuel-efficiency technologies. We utilise GPS real time truck tracking to gain best fleet utilisation.

Waste Recycling

All our waste water is recycled for re-use as wash water to clean our equipment and as mix water in our concrete production. We aim for a zero discharge of waste water from all our concrete plants.

Returned concrete is recycled to produce interlocking mass blocks that can be used for rural or commercial bulk material storage, retaining walls, dividing walls, barriers and so on.

Mix Design

We design mixes that include Fly Ash which is a waste product from coal burning power stations.

When Fly Ash is used in concrete on conjunction with portland cement it behaves like cement for strength development, improves the workability and reduces the water demand of fresh concrete and, increases the durability of hardened concrete.

Production Impacts

Higgins Concrete is very aware of the impact its production facilities may have on the environment. We regularly survey our concrete plants for compliance with land and air use consents and constantly strive to improve production processes in line with our sustainability philosophy.