Concrete adds to the enjoyment of a living environment through the addition of colour, texture, and form.

Our concrete can be formed to virtually any shape, and with the addition of colour pigments, or specialist surface finishes, it can be turned into an ever-lasting addition for your home or business.

We can assist you to create your desired surface options directly, or supply concrete in support of a specialist concrete contractor, who will assist you to achieve the decorative effect you require.

Colour Range

Higgins Concrete Awapuni Colour Sample.jpg   Higgins Concrete Fitzherbert Colour Sample.jpg   Higgins Concrete Hokowhitu Colour Sample.jpg   Higgins Concrete Manawatu Colour Sample.jpg   Higgins Concrete Manfeild Colour Sample.jpg
Awapuni   Fitzherbert   Hokowhitu   Manawatu   Manfeild
Higgins Concrete Ngauranga Colour Sample.jpg   Higgins Concrete Richmond Colour Sample.jpg   Higgins Concrete Riverbank Colour Sample.jpg   Higgins Concrete Tararua Colour Sample.jpg   Higgins Concrete Te Matai Colour Sample.jpg
Ngauranga   Richmond   Riverbank   Tararua   Te Matai
Note: Aggregate and colours are indicative only. Viewing a sample before purchasing product is recommended


Copy of Coloured 6kg Black Oxide, Whangamata, acid washed & sealed.jpg   Copy of Coloured, Black Oxide 5kg (Acid washed), 32 Drury Hills (25).jpg


Exposed Aggregate

Available in the North Island:

Coromandel.jpg   Hawkes-Bay.jpg   Taranaki.jpg   West-Coast.jpg
Coromandel   Hawkes Bay   Taranaki   West Coast

Available in the South Island:

Marlborough.jpg   Southland.jpg   Tahuna.jpg   West-Coast.jpg
Marlborough   Southland   Tahuna   West Coast
Note: Aggregate and colours are indicative only. Viewing a sample before purchasing product is recommended


Exposed Brook Pebble BL5, R & S Builders, Manuwai Lane, Karaka (7).JPG   Greymouth.jpg   Exposed, Brook Pebble Black BL5, Payne, (Glencairn, Buckland) (3).JPG


While we have taken care to give an accurate representation of our Designercrete range, aggregates are natural products, so some variations in colour and stone size will occur. From time to time these mixes can contain driftwood and some naturally occurring minerals such as iron pyrites which have been known to produce brown stains. Placing, weather and site conditions may also influence the end result. We recommend laying by a specialised concrete placer. Higgins Concrete will not be responsible for the rectification of any such imperfections arising from this occurrence.

Concrete Types


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