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Decorative Concrete

Concrete adds to the enjoyment of a living environment through the addition of colour, texture, and form.

Our concrete can be formed to virtually any shape, and with the addition of colour pigments, or specialist surface finishes, it can be turned into an ever-lasting addition for your home or business.

We can assist you to create your desired surface options directly, or supply concrete in support of a specialist concrete contractor, who will assist you to achieve the decorative effect you require.

Exposed aggregate concrete


Exposed aggregate concrete is formulated to have a high incidence of coarse aggregates. The surface is treated to expose the aggregate. The choice of aggregate type is only limited by availability and your imagination. You can choose from crushed sea shells to even glass, and beyond...

Polished Concrete


Concrete can be honed and polished to provide a smooth surface and reveal the aggregate in the mix. As with exposed aggregate surfaces, the choice of aggregate is only limited to availability and your choice.

Coloured Concrete


Colour pigments can be added to concrete during the mixing stage to compliment the design of your home or business. There are a wide range of colour tones available.

Imprinted Concrete


When the concrete is still fresh, imprinted patterns can be formed in the surface to remain in the hardened state. This can be combined with colour to accentuate the imprinted texture.



Concrete Types


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