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Before you Order

We will need the following information to ensure your order is accurate:

  1. Name of the person purchasing the concrete. If you intend to be invoiced for the concrete you'll need to apply for credit – unless you already have an account with us. Alternatively, you can pay with cash, cheque, or credit card. (Such sales should be paid before delivery unless you have made other arrangements with Higgins Concrete).
  2. Clearly state the day and time you want your concrete delivery to arrive. Usually orders can be made the day before delivery but more notice is better.
  3. Please tell us the address for your concrete delivery.
  4. Provide the volume of concrete required. Refer to our concrete calculator for assistance in determining the volume.
  5. State the grade / strength of concrete and the nominal aggregate size plus any other special additives.
  6. State what slump is required on delivery. (Slump is the level of concrete consistency).
  7. Tell us if the concrete is to be pumped and by who.
  8. Give us the name and contact details of the person who is placing the concrete.
  9. If more than one load is required, tell us how much time is required between loads.
  10. Provide us with an order number if you require it to be on your invoice.
  11. You may cancel the order at any time before delivery, provided that we have not started to batch your order.  This is usually about an hour before it is due on site (depending on the travel time). Any concrete that has been batched will be your responsibility for payment.